Let's Go On A fishing Journey

Fishing is a great experience for everybody! The Men usually like to fish and the Women sunbath and enjoy the waters of Rodos, We can do all of the above at once!

Types of Fishing


Trolling ,  is a technique where anglers target smaller species that inhabit the depths of the ocean. Using specialized equipment , this method allows fishermen to reach depths of 40 to 100 meters, where species like small groupers, parrot fish, Serranus cabrilla and small red snappers live.  


Jigging is a versatile fishing technique that involves vertically dropping a weighted lure, known as a jig, to the bottom of the water column and then jerking it upward in a quick and erratic motion to attract fish. This method is highly effective for targeting a wide range of species, including tuna, amberjack, mahi-mahi. 

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Deep Vertical Fishing with Electric Reels is a specialized fishing technique designed to target large species inhabiting deep waters. This method employs electric-powered reels equipped with heavy-duty tackle to lower baited lines to depths ranging from 400 to 600 meters. Popular targets include deep-sea dwellers such as groupers, cod, swordfish, tuna, and even sharks. 

Fishermen since 1982

We love sharing our passion with the world and therefore we started a business a few years back Doing Fishing Trips in Rodos For those who love the sea, A beautiful day and Fishing!

Catching Fish

Having a Fishing trip in Rodos is a chance to discover the waters of Rodos and Faliraki, The island around it, The techniques and tricks, us local fishermen use to catch fish.

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We will teach you about the History of the island of Rodos, How to Fish, How to bait and tell know about all the fish that you will catch on the day of our fishing trip. 

Fishing in Rodos At Its Best

Come fishing with Us

Have your fishing excursion with us aboard our brand-new charter sport fishing boat and enjoy spending the day in luxury! Rodos seas are renowned for being clear and warm.

Feel the experience of Fishing in Rodos Island

Rodosfishing offer a tranquil trip amid the island's breathtaking views. We are aware of the best locations to make your voyage one you will never forget! For those who intend to spend their time swimming, and sunbathing. The allure of fishing is that you never know what might be at the end of the line!

Rodos Fishing Tours and Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is for individuals who have the perseverance and willingness to pull until they can no longer pull any farther, then pull even harder! Rodosfishing Tours provides private fishing charters with the island's most skilled crew and captain. Fishing might be challenging, but the reward is fresh fish on the plate!

What to expect from the original Rodos Fishing Tours Company

Take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with loved ones while fishing in Rodos enchanted blue waters. We are eager to welcome everyone on board of our fantastic vessel for creating lifelong memories. Many fish are to be caught. There will be stories to tell about the fish you catch this summer and new acquaintances to be made. Fish all afternoon, then enjoy your fresh catch being cooked. Viewing the sunset from our boat while sipping a local Rodos wine! For a fantastic afternoon with your loved ones, reserve your Rodos Fishing Tour today!

Best and Latest fishing equipment for your Rodos fishing experience!

Equipment is different from experience, therefore we made sure to have the best of both! No prior experience is necessary on the part of our client. We are here to demonstrate how to utilize our newest gear and how to fish in Rodos! Contact us to find out more about how fishing tours in Rodosmight be the ideal experience for you.

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